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LG’s White card to replace all your credit , debit and rewards card

Do you remember about coin? The electronic card that promised to replace all the cards such as credit, debit and reward card but it went flop. Now LG is coming up with a similar version of that card that will act as an all in one payment card. LG has named this device ‘LG Pay white card’ that will likely be able to store several credit, debit and rewards card.

A photo is being leaked of this electronic device in the internet that says it comprises of a LCD screen to display which card to select and users can switch between cards using the buttons located there. The contact list situated at the left hand side will be used for charging the card but it requires a different charger for that.

Apple, Samsung and Google all these big companies have come up with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay to help users in easy payment process. But LG’s idea is something different that will definitely keep it ahead in the competition. The LG Pay white card is not only intended for the Smartphone users but elderly people too will be able to make use of this device even though they do not have a Smartphone with them.

LG has declared in November that they have collaborated with two Korean credit card companies Shinhan Card and KB Kookmin Card in order to launch this service in South Korea. And they have around 50,000 white cards to launch. It is also rumored that many other major credit card companies will be signing up with this company in the near future. However, everything about the much anticipated white card will be clear in the upcoming Mobile world congress in Barcelona. So, you need to wait till then.

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