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How to Manage Mobile Data Usage On Windows Phone

As the days and days, the unlimited data plans are becoming less common it is now more important than ever before to understand the proper statistics of the data which your smartphone uses. That is exactly that condition where the use of Data Sense comes in. Data sense actually shows the detailed statistics of the data usage on the Windows Phone and it also helps to avoid the unexpected charges by simply indicating that when you near to your mobile’s data limit. It also helps by putting off the data intensive tasks rather than when you are connected to a WiFi network.

What is Data Sense?

Data sense is from that amazing feature of the Windows phone which not only helps in monitoring the data usage but also helps in optimizing the data. This will help you a lot and save you from expensive additional data charges. The main beauty behind the Data sense app is that you can easily set up and can also customize the app to meet the stable and the perfect specific requirements. You might be on unlimited plan or you can be also on a plan which gives you a 500 MB data usage per month whatever it may be, it doesn’t matter since the Data Sense is there to help you.

The very first time when you will use the Data sense app, you will be asked to set up the data limit. It can be done at any time if you have skipped it initially, you can edit the information whenever you prefer. Though, always keep in mind skipping this process will definitely make data sense to assume that you have an unlimited plan. You can also enable the BOS or Browser Optimization services to save your data on your Windows phone.

This mainly works by reducing the data which normally consume while browsing internet explorer or web. Most web pages which you view through the IE11 mainly go through the proxy servers which Microsoft uses to compress the images, JavaScript and also the HTML text. This will also result in fewer data consuming while browsing the web.

You can follow the below given steps to enable the Data sense on your Windows Phone and manage mobile data usage.

Step by step guide to set the Data sense

  1. First of all swipe down at the bottom on your Windows phone and tap on All Settings and then again swipe down and select the Data sense.
  1. Select the Set Limit and tap on the Limit type list box and select the limit type which you prefer to use and then select the days for how much your data plan last.
  1. Enter the amount of data which is remaining now and then simply enable the Restrict background data usage, this mainly limits the background application from using your data. If you want, you can also enable restrictions for roaming to avoid other additional expenses.
  1. Whenever you are near to your data limit that is actually half way to your data, a quick notification will be sent to your phone.

You will see significant data savings after you enable these settings.

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