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Mark Zuckerberg’s Advice To Young Women: Be The Nerd

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered a powerful message to the young women: Don’t date the nerd but be the nerd.

This was a reply to a grandmother in his Facebook page when she was trying to flatter the tech giant CEO Mark Zuckerberg commenting, she always tells her granddaughter to date a nerd as he might become the next Mark Zuckerberg. The young technologist was enjoying a paternal leave to take care of her lovable daughter Max while he was replying on many comments. He was very quick to reply to the grandmother asking her politely to try changing the way she thinks for her granddaughter’s future.

He wrote that ‘Even better would be to encourage them to be a nerd in the school, so that they can turn out to be the next successful inventor.

Empowering women and manipulating machine is the passion of this young technologist and this is the quality what all grandmother looks in their granddaughter’s partner.

This comment came in a post about Mark Zuckerberg’s personal big challenge for 2016 that involves building an artificial intelligence which can perfectly run his home.

This powerful message from Zuckerberg aims at bringing more and more women into the industry and his company itself working hard on that. Zender imbalance is a great issue in most of the major tech companies. According to a report, Facebook has 7 men out of every 10 employees and then there are just 16% women tech workers while only 23% of the senior leadership is women.

But Facebook is just not alone in the list rather most of the major tech companies are in the same place and all are trying to interest more women in the industry by recruiting as many women as possible in all the technical and non-technical rank.

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