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Meet the future of Shaving Laser Razor

During a recent crowdfunding campaign for a razor that removes facial hair with nothing else but a laser beam as claimed by its US based creators had made waves of excitement among people.

The campaign was later suspended by Kickstarter through a mail that stated that it was done in violation of their rule that required people with having working prototypes of physical products and only those people are offered rewards.

The device had gained north of 4 million US Dollar in potential funding but due to lack of working model they were removed. So now the product is listed again on Indiegogo. People have whole heartedly supported the idea of Laser Razor when it became a trending discussion within the twitter communities.

Skarp Technologies that are based in California are responsible for this amazing gadget and they were able to raise pledges worth US $40000 within first few hours only. Skarp Technologies also notified people that were following them on Facebook that they should not worry as the Laser Razor would be made available to them in the coming spring and last week they released a 9 minute video that addressed the Laser Razors concerns regarding safety and battery related issues.

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