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Meet the Google RoboDog

Google recently revealed Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot which is a 160-pound, hydraulically actuated quadruped robot RoboDog. It can be used in various military drills conducted by the Marine Corps. The RoboDog was tested for its compatibilities to work in conjunction with soldiers under various circumstances.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) introduced the Spot to the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia, which is the head office of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command.
A roboticist of DARPA stated that according to him a robot like Spot had tons of opportunities that they could use it which included like scouting or load carrying.

The Spot is controlled using a wireless controller that is tethered with a laptop, Spot was tested in various field condition like moving him around hills, woods and city like environments. According to Captain James Pineiro, head of the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab’s, Quantico, the robotic dog has exceeded the specifications that were provided with it. He also said that the marines were very excited with the use of Spot, as the new technology that came with it opened them to new ideas that they even thought befores and were happy as they saw what the future of dismounted infantry holds.

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