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Microsoft Corporation integrates Skype and Outlook for easier video conferencing

An important step toward digital integration within a systems’ platform was taken today as Skype announced the integration with Microsoft’s Outlook, making it ultimately easier to move around in the digital world.

Within Outlook, the ‘Skype Meeting’ setting has been added as the doorway to creating events on Outlook while also creating a Skype call link which is sent to the respective users in order to create a video conference call. Users can then simply click to join the conversation, or click to download the Skype app if they don’t have it already.

It is common knowledge that e-mail is one of the most widely used services in today’s technologically advancing world and one further dominated by the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets.

For the Microsoft Corporation this is a very important step toward staying inside the competitive circle, surrounded by Google’s Hangouts and various e-mailing and video conferencing platforms.

As it is, Microsoft has already integrated its Office apps, such as Excel and Word, into Outlook; providing an efficient way toward using a single app without the need to switch between different platforms and providers.

Moreover, the newest announcement for Skype mobile that allows free group calls is already on its way to gaining users, and the addition of the Skype Translator further confirms this.

As one of the largest tech giants Microsoft Corporation understands the importance of integrating different apps and programs for easier use. This step toward better functionality could make a huge positive difference for Microsoft’s future revenue as well as put Microsoft on top of the market demand as one of the first corporations to enable digital integration.

Whether this move will work as effectively as planned out remains to be see.

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