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Microsoft Edge new upgrade to the old internet explorer


The new Microsoft Edge is really a new upgrade to the old internet explorer that comes with the Microsoft Windows 10. The edge offers really amazing features like writing, typing and doodling directly on your web page using the Web Note and then you can directly share your notes with your friends and colleagues. It also comes with a feature through which it utilizes the Reading View and thus keeps out all the distracting content away from your sight and thus you can read only what you want to.
The new Edge keeps all your things in a single place thus save you from searching for downloaded files or bookmarked sites.

One of the best features of the Edge is Cortana, the speaking assistant from the Microsoft,
Cortana. You can use Edge effectively to get directions of, say, a hospital, because as soon as you will land on the hospitals page Cortana pops up, and if you click on it, then Cortana would provide you with information related to the page and selection. Also, the coding of Edge is really different than the internet explorer as the extension developers will be using same JavaScript and HTML code that are also used by its two competing browsers Chrome and Firefox for their extensions.

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