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Microsoft introduces Activation Options for Windows 10

For those who already have Windows 10 on their PC, the upgrade process might have been different in two ways: the first different thing was that it was free and the other was that there was no need of any product key for installation. This time instead of the 25-key product code which the users are used to Microsoft has provided a “digital entitlement”. This is one of the ways which Microsoft has introduced to activate Windows 10 on the PC. In the past people were confused about how to get their copy of Windows 10 but Microsoft has finally got a way to do it.

The other method to activate Windows 10 on your PC is the traditional activation through Product key. But this is only available in certain cases like you have to buy it from an authorized dealer or you can buy a new device which comes with Windows 10 installed in it.

In the Digital entitlement process, you are provided with digital copies of Windows 10 activation. The ways in which you can activate Windows 10 through either of the methods i.e. through Digital Entitlement or activation by Product key is shown below.

Process of Digital Entitlement Activation

  • Updated from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10
  • You can buy a copy of Windows 10 from the Windows store.
  • You can also buy a Windows 10 Pro copy from the same Windows store
  • If you are a Windows insider, you can upgrade to Windows 10.

Process of Product key activation

  • You can buy Windows 10 from an authorized dealer.
  • You can buy a digital copy of Windows 10 from a dealer.
  • You can get Windows 10 if you have a subscription of Microsoft developer network or you have a licensing agreement for Windows 10.
  • You can get Windows 10 by buying a new device which runs on Windows 10.

Out of the above options provided you can go for any method to activate your Windows 10.

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