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Microsoft introduces Emergency Patch for Font Driver Vulnerability

You might be having some problem in opening your document or some Webpage. This is due to some security breach. But now you don’t need to worry as Microsoft has introduced an emergency security update. This update is meant for all current versions of Windows operating system. This introduction is meant to reduce the damage or threat which the users might face when opening some documents or WebPages which contains special coded Open Type fonts.

This step is taken after Adobe witnessed some threats in its Flash. In order to deal with this threat, Adobe has also introduced their set of security updates which will help the users to remove any problem they experience in Adobe Flash. This exploit in the Windows version damages the proper functioning of Windows Adobe type Manager Library. The result of this improper functioning of this library is that the user is not able to open some documents which are with some special coded Open Type fonts and also some untrusted WebPages. This malfunction can allow the attackers to gain full control of the affected system.

The most dangerous thing about this threat is that it doesn’t affect only a single version of Windows. This will affect every version of Windows, be it Vista which was released in the year 2006 or it be any other version. Now the question arises that this threat spans through the entire Windows operating system since the introduction of Vista, does that mean the threat has been existing since a long time? There are users who are still using the Windows server 2003. Can they also be affected by the same threat?

It should be noted that the users who have Windows in their system and have enabled automatic updates don’t need to update it as it would be updated automatically. For enterprise users manually updating is required. They are required to install the update (KB 3079904) to avoid any threat and this should be done as soon as possible.

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