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Microsoft Makes Sharing Easy With Skype’s Latest Update for iOS Users

Skype’s recent update for iOS devices makes content sharing easier. With the holiday season here, sharing is the best thing that Microsoft can add to its popular video call and chat application.

The latest Skype update brings the share extension to iOS devices. With this extension in place, you will now be able to share content from other apps on Skype. It will now work in a manner which is more native to the iOS.

In order to make use of the latest update, you would first have to set it up. First, tap the More button on the iOS share sheet. Next, switch on Skype in the list of activities. This will enable the share extension and you are ready to share content through Skype.

So sharing becomes easier because you simply have to tap the Skype share button and select which contact you want to share your photos and links to. Simply tap send and you are done. Now you do not have to open the Skype app for sharing, or sending an email to share content.

The sharing-enabled versions of Skype are available on the app store for both iPhones as well as iPads. Microsoft brings this update at a time when sharing is at its prime. The holiday season is the perfect time for endless Skype sessions and sharing memories in the form of photos.

With sharing made easy, iOS users are going to enjoy Skype even more. Microsoft developers have brought many updates to the app to make it better for the users. The last update for iOS users which came in October had included Spotlight search and interactive notifications. In addition to this iPad multitasking was added in the October update which made Skype easy to use in Split View for iPad users.

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