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Microsoft OneDrive free 7GB of online storage


Microsoft OneDrive is by far one of the most amazing features of the entire Microsoft product line. OneDrive opens the door to possibilities you wouldn’t have thought off before like creating, editing and sharing documents. You can also work together on them with many other people that too at the same time. After doing all the work, you can store your work files in the Microsoft’s cloud database. The best part about OneDrive is that you only need OneDrive on any device, any time thus when you save your files to OneDrive, and you can access them from all of your most loved devices, including Macs, PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

OneDrive offers you free 7GB of online storage and after that it gives you the option to buy storage from them. If you also enable syncing of photo on any of your mobile sets OneDrive app then you will automatically get another 3GB of storage thus making a total of 10GB. Users of Office get an extra of 20GB storage while anyone can add 20GB to OneDrive for $10 a year. Microsoft Surface users get a whopping 200GB that too for two years. Thus we can easily say that having an OneDrive account is really advisable for everyone owing to the ease of cross platform functionality and amazing features, OneDrive is Microsoft’s star product.

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