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Microsoft Releases With News Pro App, An iOS Competitor To Flipboard And Apple News

Microsoft has recently released their News Pro app, another iOS app from Microsoft Garage that requires the users to log in with Facebook or LinkedIN account in order to go through the news in that app. The reader is very similar to that of the Apple News and mainstay Flipboard from Apple. It offers varieties of topic and you can pick the one that interest you to read in a very mobile friendly reading format.

This News Pro app contains a section to get the top stories list in a quick manner while the explore tab let you have access to the new topics organized by organizations, industries, skills, products and more. This granularity is really helpful for the users and provides them with easy navigation to easily access the news or topic that interests them more.

Microsoft has tried to learn what type of topic can interest the users more to come up with related topics. This is done by linking with the users Facebook and LinkedIn account. However, they are not completely successful in this regard as in some cases they failed to learn the user’s interest.

This app is aimed at iOS users so unfortunately the android and Windows 10 users will not be able to enjoy this app till they switch to the iOS device. And if you are an iPhone user and are bored with the Apple news and Flipboard, can have a look at this new app from Microsoft. The best part about News Pro app is that, the web version of this app works in any device, so if you prefer to spend time with desktop rather than Smartphone, it is no doubt a good choice for you to stay updated all the time.

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