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Microsoft Sway the future of Microsoft PowerPoint

Meet the future of Microsoft PowerPoint, Sway by Microsoft which can serve as an alternative for PowerPoint. Sway works in a way such that it conveys concept easily, quickly and in a lucid manner. The way it differs from PowerPoint is that it presents ideas on your screen rather to a group of people. It is used for things like introductions to topics and giving reports while also it backs up all the Sway Presentation in the cloud thus making it easily available to sharing or embedding in websites.

It is also observed that Sway is more for informal presentations while people who want to use it for brand image identification should really avoid using it. The biggest difference between PowerPoint and Sway is that you can’t create any content or thing in Sway. You have to upload various things into the software and them it can be extracted directly from inside of Sway. This thing makes the creation process very easy and the sources from the content could include Flickr, Facebook etc.

Using the Sway’s online feature, you can easily transfer various files into it and then new Sway could be easily created from them. Sway also provides a variety of sharing options too.


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