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Microsoft to use Open Source VP9 Video Codec in Edge Browser

Microsoft has finally decided to use the open source VP9 codec for Windows 10’s Edge browser. This was confirmed by the Microsoft itself. They have planned to use this in other open source audio and video codec.

Previously Microsoft showed hesitation in choosing the previous version VP8 codec and instead of this went for h.264 video codec. At the time of selection, there was a battle going on the topic that who will support what. Finally, Google and Mozilla decided to go with VP8 while Apple and Microsoft showed their interest in h.264. It is the tendency of Apple to go on its own way and doesn’t care about what others are doing. As a matter of fact, if Microsoft had selected VP8 at that time one could have seen development in hardware support of VP8 and VP9.

For the time being, Microsoft will support the software decoding process of VP9. It will also support hardware decoding only on those places where it already exists like some phone chips for making video playback more efficient. More powerful PCs are needed for software decoding, this is the reason that VP9 support will be provided only on the experimental basis in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge will support VP9’s adaptive streaming which will be detectable using the MediaSource.is Type Supported () API. Microsoft informed that they are also working on providing future support for VP9 for media tags and local playback.

Microsoft is also considering supporting other codecs such as OGG, Vorbis and Opus in future. Opus needs to be paired with VP9 in the WebM container format. This codec form is currently used by YouTube as its default codec.

The Edge browser which will come with Windows 10 insider Preview will be supporting VP9 video codec and will be developed later to a more stable build.

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