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How To Migrate Android To iPhone

Thanks to the developer for whom now everything became much easier and even if you want to the change the platform such as from android to iOS or from iOS to android, no longer it requires the users to do anything manually rather all will be done just by the use of a simple tool. So, if you are switching to iOS from android and want to move all the information easily, ‘move to iOS’ is the tool to help you in that. ‘Move to iOS’ is a fee migrating tool that can transfer everything starting from contacts, photos, note, calendar and more from the android device to your new iOS device.

Ensure to transfer all the details from android to iPhone when you set up the iPhone for first time. This can be done later as well but to make the process much simpler, consider using this migrating tool while first time setting up the iPhone. In case, the set up is already done, perform a factory reset and start again.

Here is the how to migrate android to iPhone using ‘move to iOS’ tool.

Step 1:

Start the set up process in iPhone and when the ‘Apps & Data’ screen arrives, tap on the option ‘Move data from android’.

Step 2:

Next download and install ‘move to iOS’ app from Play store in the old android device. Once the installation process is completed, launch the app.

Step 3:

Accept the terms and conditions and continue through the process. It will display an option to verify the transfer along with a code.

Step 4:

In the ‘Move data from android’ screen in your iPhone, let the confirmation code arrive and then enter the code in iPhone that was seen in android phone.

Step 5:

The users are then required to choose all the items such as contacts, photos and documents that are to be transferred from android to iPhone. The migration will be started. Wait for a while till the transfer process is completed.

Step 6:

Once completed, press on the button ‘Done’, and go ahead with the setting up process.

Check in the iPhone once if you have received all the information from android and if they are in order. ‘Move to iOS’ is a very reliable tool that makes the migrating process much easier. So, enjoy the new iPhone and explore all its features to have more fun.

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