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How To Migrate Files From PC To Mac With Parallels Transporter

If you have a plan to ditch your PC by having a new Mac, Parellels Transporter is the app that can make the whole thing lot easier for you. This Parellels Transporter is actually two apps, one of its client run on windows and another one run on Mac OS X thus migrate each and every file you want from PC to Mac.

Some of the important features of Parellels Transporter are:

  • It gathers all the files such as photos, movies, contacts, music and more from the Windows PC and then transfers them to the proper place in Mac OS X. For example, photos will be stored in My photos> pictures whereas documents will be transferred in My documents> Documents.
  • Data transfer happens through any of the mode such as USB cable, over a network or else using external storage device.
  • The windows applications are migrated in the virtual machine on Mac thus allow the users to run any windows application in Mac.

The process to migrate files from PC to Mac is explained below.

Way to migrate files from PC to Mac with Parellels Transporter:

  • First install Parellels Transporter agent in windows PC. Turn on both the device Mac and Windows PC and make sure both are connected to the same network to migrate files over network.
  • Next turn off the windows firewall. You can turn it on again when the process is completed.
  • Open Parellels Transporter agent in windows PC by going to start> All Programs > Parallels and then Parallels Transporter Agent.
  • On the Mac select Desktop Parellels and go to File>New. Next choose ‘migrate from a PC’ and click on ‘continue’.
  • Choose the ‘network’ followed by ‘continue’.
  • A passcode will be displayed in the Parellels wizard in Mac. Enter that code in Windows PC. Even you can connect to the Windows PC by using the IP address or name. To get that, click on ‘Use IP address instead’ to get the Windows PC name from list or else type the IP address and click ‘continue’.
  • You are required to provide the windows administrator credentials in case windows PC name or IP address is being used to connect. Parelles Desktop will automatically connect to the Parallels Transporter Agent to start gathering the information from PC.
  • Insert the windows installation disc in Mac when the Windows Installation Files window is prompted. Click on ‘continue’. Here you need to select ‘Do not enable Automatic Logon’ if you do not want to log into Windows when you start up the machine.
  • Next select if you want to migrate every data and files or else only the windows application.
  • Choose where to install the files.
  • The next step will bring a warning about the ‘windows activation’. Read it and agree to go ahead.
  • That’s it. Wait for the migration to be completed. Click done once finished.

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