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Multitasking on your iPad with iOS 9

Multitasking on your iPad with iOS 9

At the WWDC 2015 Apple revealed the long expected keynote function for the iPad to open and control two app’s at the same time alongside. Apple makes a difference between Split View, SlideOver and Picture-in-Picture. With all these features it is possible to view app’s together on your screen. Especially for Keynote, Apple modified the screen to switch between your apps.

SlideOver and Split View

SlideOver makes it possible to swipe at the side of your screen to add a column with your (active) apps. When you swipe this column you can select other apps to open or to quick select them. The two active screens will stay fully active. It is even possible to control two app’s at the same time on your screen. This is especially handy when chatting and watch a video at the same time. With Picture-in-Picture you can put your video on any place at the screen you want and continue chatting. These functions are supported by the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and the iPad Mini 3.

Multitask iOS 9

Complete multitasking with the iPad Air 2

Only when you have an iPad Air 2, it is possible to expand the side column to give every app half your screen. To make optimal use of this multitasking function, you need an iPad Air 2.

All these new functions make use of Apple’s auto-layout function, that makes it easy for developers to make their apps ready for this new multitask-function.

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