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New Chrome For iOS Optimized For Stability And Speed

Google brings joy to Chrome for iOS users as it announced the latest update of the app, which works on a better web viewer Webkit (WKWebView) instead of the old UIWebView. With this new update, users can surf the web with Chrome at a much greater and stable speed.

Users of Chrome for iOS can now experience negligible crashes due to 70% fall in crash rate and a 25% reduction in reloading of pages. The new Webkit brings much satisfaction to users with better web compatibility, responsiveness and stability. With the new Webkit’s out of process rendering, even if the webview crashes or runs out of memory, it will not result in abrupt closure of the whole browser.

Apart from improved speed, Webkit also promises other enticing features such as better web compatibility with features like IndexedDB. This hikes up the HTML5test score for Chrome on iOS from 391 to 409. Other features include JavaScript speed and scrolling speed, which guarantees a notch higher than the previous versions. However, one major lapse in Google’s update is their continued negligence for the rate of consumption of the battery by Chrome. Past updates on Chrome only improved the battery life of the desktop version. As the world moves into the mobile phase with increasingly fast-paced technological advancement, Google should really consider shifting their stance to focus more on the mobile and tablet audience to meet the demands of the ever-growing consumer base. In the previous update, Google collaborated with Adobe to mitigate unnecessary Flash content that automatically plays during your tasks on Chrome, Thus reducing the data usage significantly.

Chrome for iOS promises attractive and fresh features with every update. However, we know that everyone still hopes for enhanced mobile compatibility. We can expect greater improvements for the mobile version within the near future.

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