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The new Outlook: A product of two major apps

One of the most popular e-mail apps Acompli, as well as one of the most popular calendar apps Sunrise were both acquired by Microsoft earlier this year as part of a long-term agenda to perfect the new Outlook app.

For iOS users around the world, the next update for the Outlook app by Microsoft is said to contain major changes due to the acquisition of the aforementioned giants of email and calendar services. This update, along with upcoming ones, aim to redefine user experience in the way of easier navigation inside the app as well as visual changes that make it easier and more appealing to the eye.

Perhaps one of the least integrated services in today’s world of smartphones is the e-mail. By itself, as a revolutionary development, e-mailing is being once again revolutionized to integrate into smaller and smaller displays. Traditional ways of checking e-mails through your laptops and personal computers seem to be narrowing by the day as users constantly demand less time-consuming methods of handling their business.

The fairly new email app named Acompli caught immediate attention upon release due to features never-before seen on mail apps. The features include support for Microsoft Exchange users, one-click synchronization with your calendar, and a feature to quickly access recent emails and contacts.

Despite there being numerous mail apps for smartphones, Acompli has managed to increase user experience for businesspeople who rely on ease of access to their inbox, as well as managed to make e-mailing less of a desktop-requiring service. With these changes, and the acquisition of Acompli by Microsoft, Outlook stands to benefit with its future updates that integrate many functions of the Acompli app.

Naturally, there are two kinds of e-mailing app users: those with the complex need to use the app, and those who just use it to quickly trash unnecessary emails and skim through their inbox. For more complex users, the new outlook is the perfect app as it is easily maneuverable as well as allows for quick replies and in-app processes. All that remains is for the full features of these two great apps to fully integrate into the new Outlook app.

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