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New Watch Lets Blind People Read Real-Time Smartphone Data in Braille

The Braille system is the reading system that visually impaired individuals use in reading written data. They read the letters by touching the dots or codes. It is a good thing that there is Siri as well, that reads the messages loudly, and they can rely on it when they are accessing the internet and some other smart phones. If you are used with Siri, and you want something better that will help you interact more personal with your loved ones and friends, there is a new device specifically designed for Braille reading.

The Dot releases a new innovation in data reading through this new wrist watch. It lets blind people to read any data from their smart phones in Braille. This device was designed and developed in South Korea and it has a Braille interface that moves with its magnets and pins. It translates internet or smart phone messages into Braille in four characters at a time with speed that you can adjust depending on your capability to read the system.

According to the CEO and co-founder of the Dot, Eric Ju Yoon Kim, he wants the visually impaired individuals to get a better Braille experience from their devices using their own means and terms. Instead of simply relying on the Siri to do the reading, they can do that by themselves now through this device.

Though Braille reading is already a common thing, with the Dot watch, they have the freedom to read everything and anything on their own. What is good about this device is that it is more affordable as compared to other Braille systems and technology. Experience easy access to information on your mobile phones and internet with this new and innovative Dot wrist watch Braille reader and let the power of your fingers allow you to interact with anyone personally.

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