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Next Gen Apple iPhone 7 Plus To Incorporate A Bigger Battery And 256 Size Option

A report claimed that iPhone 7 plus, one of the most anticipated handset from apple is all set to delight the users by adding couple of additional benefits when compared to iPhone 7 and 6 Plus.

iPhone 7 plus is said to incorporate a bigger battery of 3100 mAH along with providing 256 internal storage option. iPhone 7 and 7 plus both will receive updates in sizes compared to the current generation iPhone 6S plus.

But there is no confirmation on whether iPhone 7 plus will be available in the entry level 16GB model still with other storage options or else it will start at 32 GB and will have options for 128GB and 256 GB. But this is really bit odd as Apple does not include 64 GB as an option. So, it would be better if they plan to add this storage option and offer iPhone 7 Plus in 64 GB, 128GB and 256 GB storage options.

Along with the storage option, battery capacity too will receive a boost in the most anticipated iPhone 7 plus. iPhone 6 plus is packed with a 2750 mAH battery whereas this new version will receive 3100 mAH battery that is quite bigger and will make the device alive for longer enough compared to its previous handsets.

Some rumors have claimed that the new version of iPhone will be made rigorous by adding the water proof and dust-proof feature in it. It is also heard that the traditional headphone jack will be ditched for using a lightning port for the audio connection.

However all will be clear in September this year as Apple has plan to unveil the new line of iPhone in September in a special event.

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