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OS X El Capitan Available as a Free Update

Apple announced the release of the most advanced desktop operating system.
The operating system “Capitan” is believed to refine the Mac experience and bring further improvement in the performance of the iMac. It is believed that “Capitan” will provide iMac users with a simpler but smarter ways to perform their actions on the iMac. The OS will be available for free to the users of Mac.

It includes a streamlined Mission Control which makes it easier for the users to see and organize everything that they have opened on their Mac. The users just need a single swipe to get all the windows in one layer making it easier to find the one you need. This operating system also includes some unique features. If your desktop gets crowded, you just need to drag a window to the top of your screen to create a new space.

Also, this OS has a new Split View feature which automatically places two app windows side-by-side in full screen allowing the users to work with both apps at one time.

This new OS comes with an improved version of “Spotlight”. This will allow users to check the prices of stock, weather conditions and forecasts. They can also check the sports score, schedule and standings of particular teams and even they can view information regarding athlete. This feature allows the user to search for a file by using simple language. You can simply type what you need and Spotlight will get you to the file you are looking for. The size of the Spotlight window can be changed according to the user’s requirements.
For mailing purpose, Capitan comes with the feature which can recognize names or events in a Mail message and allows you to add those to your contacts or calendar with just a single click. It also enables you to delete the messages by a single swipe.

For photos new features include location editing, descriptions for batch changing, sorting albums by date or title, and few more are included.
There are also many features included with this OS which will enhance the performance of the iMac.

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  1. The height of the Spotlight window can be changed, the width can’t. That’s been broken since the early betas and people have been asking (with good reasons) to have it changed. I suppose it’s being saved as a feature in a future release.

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