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P2PE solution on-Garde Tripartite Ingenico group of four P2PE offers in the US PCI validated

The market demand for point-to-point encryption-10x drives adoption of On-Guard in 2015

New York, NY – January 18 2016 – At the annual meeting of the NRF & EXPO, Retail Big Show in New York, Ingenico Group (Euro Next: FR0000125346 – ING) seamlessly, world leader in payment, announced that three of the four PCI point-to-point encryption -validated (P2PE) offering in the United States are available, which fueled by its solution-Guard P2PE. In 2015, the adoption of Ingenico On-Guard 10x increases as Americans upgrade their systems to EMV and simultaneously implemented additional security measures to dealers to help strengthen their payment acceptance infrastructure.

In an environment P2PE sensitive card data is at the entry point encrypted and protected remains decrypted to a secure endpoint and so it was never to internal systems or retailers readable exposed to cybercriminals. P2PE solutions such as Ingenico On-Guard can help retailers reduce their scope of PCI DSS to reduce their vulnerability to cyber crime attacks, and protect their brand reputation.

As the demand for solutions P2PE in 2015 accelerated, several suppliers leading payment solutions leading technology-On-Guard of Ingenico and validation P2PE PCI receive for their end payment solutions to the end, including red payment systems, card Connect LLC and FreedomPay Inc . These solutions make Guarded based now 75 percent of P2PE solutions in the United States PCI validated. In addition, several gateways and processors leading offer solutions with On-Guard is turned on to their retail customers in 2016. Through these various channels, On-Guard is now fueling the protection of card data in the retail sector throughout all trade levels – from small businesses to national retailers.

Industry experts, including analyst firms such as Gartner recommends that vendors upgrade their security infrastructure to integrate P2PE as to improve their POS systems EMV and NFC acceptance.

A trader with the red solution / Ingenico Group HoneyBaked ham, a retailer in upscale food with more than 400 locations nationwide. “Protect your customers and your business brand to be still the main challenges of IT managers. To meet this challenge, we have started with red and Ingenico, a P2PE payment solution to accept the work PCI validation in all stores a simplified and cost-effective manner, “said Bill Bolton, vice president, Information Technology, HoneyBaked Ham.

Greg Boardman, CTO, North America at Ingenico Group, said: “P2PE is a simple concept, but many traders do not consider its implementation until last year – when the EMC closing Since EMC activation requires setpoint turning right for retailers to support the implementation. changes to the connection and / or POS infrastructure by P2PE The project has to be a practical and appropriate resolution. We continue to see our acceptance of P2PE grows month after month, and expect also further growth in 2016 and about the total United States penetration of the retail market of the future technology costs. ”

Companies adhering about solutions from Ingenico P2PE group can http://ingenico.us/security-solutions/point-to-point-encryption-on-guard visit to learn. Ingenico is its full range of secure payment solutions to demonstrate acceptance of the Annual Conference & EXPO NRF Retail Big Show to New York City (1743 Booth) held January 17, 2016 until 20th

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