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How to Prepare Your Windows Phone for Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade

There are mainly three kinds of owners of the Windows Phone. The first ones are the hard core enthusiasts who are always putting on each insider of the build version of Windows 10 Mobile and they almost know all the tricks of this trade. The second ones are the normal users who only want a phone which works well and who prefer waiting until they get an official update notice. And the last ones are those users who are in the middle and are excited and interested in installing the update of Windows 10 Mobile and want to see what all this about. If you fall in the last category then you must have to follow the following step by step guide to update your windows phone and also know the exotic benefits.

Step by step guides to update your Windows Smartphone

  1. First double check all the synced accounts, backups, image uploads and all the passwords which are important and needed by you.
  1. Fully charge your smartphone battery as it is a long process.
  1. Go to store option on your smartphone and search for Windows Insider and then simply click and install it in a usual perfect way.
  1. Start the application Windows Insider and click on ‘Get Preview Bundle”. Select the ‘Insider Fast’ option when prompted then tap on the selection arrow and accept the disclaimer. Microsoft is not responsible if you lose any important data.
  1. Allow rebooting your device. Go to the settings and Swipe to the ‘Phone Update’ and click on the updates in a usual way. Build 10166 of Windows 10 mobile will be started to download approx after a minute. In half an hour the whole progress bar should be easily completed and another new one will be started.
  1. You will see an option install screen, just go for it. This is your final chance to do syncs or backups. If you don’t want, then ignore it and simply click to install now option. Your phone will be shortly restarted after some time and you will also see the animation of ‘spinning gears’ for almost half an hour.
  1. An ‘Almost done” set of progress bar will appear which represents the progress of data which is effectively migrated to the new position of the internal storage. After seeing the Start screen option leave your phone aside for a few minutes. You are now running Windows 10 Mobile but the process is not yet completed.
  1. You have to now go on to the system settings about page and after that, you have to click on ‘Reset my Phone’. Actually, the reset process has to be done at several times, but this is the most reliable point where it has to be must do. The reset will take almost half an hour again. So leave your phone for a while.
  1. When you are making a backup just go through the normal welcome process and sign in to the Microsoft account. After that you will be asked about restoring the backup, the choice is up to you either you want or not.

That’s it. The process is almost done, just install the required and necessary updates to your smartphone. Now just simply work through your Smartphone’s main application like the Outlook Calendar, Outlook Mail, Maps, Facebook, People and so on.

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