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How To Read Messages Without Sending Read Receipt On Your iPhone With 3D Touch

Most of us at some point of time have wanted that the person on the other side of the conversation do not really know that the message that he/she sent hasn’t been read but actually its read. Now in the Apple devices, iOS message app has the option of read receipts, where the other person knows that the message sent has been read.

This feature is useful, but not always useful for users. Of course you can entirely switch off this feature which most of the iPhone users do, but most of them also don’t know that you can actually read messages in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus without sending off the read receipt. Thanks to the 3D touch feature of these phone, which has made this possible.

In this tutorial you will be shown the exact way with which you can read the incoming text message in iOS Message App without having to turn off this feature entirely.

  1. Once a new message arrives, open the Messages App but remember not to open the message thread.
  2. Once you are inside the app, you have the message overview and all the messages thread in front of you. Just chose the message thread which you want to read without sending the read receipt and press to activate the 3D Touch Peek.
  3. As long as you continue to 3D touch the message screen, you can read the message from the recipient. Now if you want to send the read receipt, you can do a hard press which will pop up the iMessage and it will instantly send the read receipt or you can also swipe up in Peek mode and you will have the option to choose Mark as Read option.

So with the help of this trick, you can actually read all the messages without sending the read receipt. And one thing to note is that this can happen only in iPhone having 3D touch, so iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus phones can do this trick.

This is a great alternative to switching off the read receipts because once you switch them off, it happens for all the recipient and not for the single recipient.

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