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Recover Deleted files in Windows


Many times we delete certain files and folders that we wish to get back, but it seems they can’t be found in recycle bin as you might had emptied it or used the Shift +Delete command to permanently delete it. You can still retrieve those files using certain recovery soft wares.
There are free softwares present on the internet through which you can easily recover your deleted files. A software is listed below along with its use:
Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is open source licensed free software that provides us a wizard type interface to recover our deleted files and folders. Using this software will allow you to easily browse a particular drive’s folders individually so as to scan for deleted files. You can also recover the deleted files and folders by typing their characteristics like their name, date modified etc. It also performs a deep scan which would allow you to find and recover files which other software would surely have missed. One thing to note is that using the deep scan will not return the file’s original name and its location bit it is still very effective to retrieve data from devices like corrupted hard disks.

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