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How To Remove The Office Upload Center From The Taskbar In Windows

Microsoft first introduced a new feature called Office Upload Center in Office 2010 and now with the new Office 365, it has come up again. The office upload center is used to manage document uploads and if you upload documents in bulk via One Drive, this tool can come in handy too. If you are also working with several other document formats such as PowerPoint, excel sheet and spreadsheets, this tool is going to help you lot.

However, the other thing about the upload center is that if you do not need it at all, for all the features that are mentioned above, you might have a problem with it taking room in your taskbar and creating disturbance. So you can remove it and removing it is very simple, you just need to know the right place in the settings menu where you can go and change the option.

In this tutorial you would be shown how to remove the Office Upload Center from the Upload Center. Just follow the mentioned steps

  1. Right click on the icon of the Upload Center that is present in the notification area of the taskbar.
  2. Select the Settings option
  3. Now the Upload Center will open with the settings menu.
  4. Under the settings, Uncheck the option Display icon in notification area
  5. Now the icon will disappear from the taskbar

If you follow the above mentioned steps as it is, then you would remove the Office Upload Center from the taskbar but one thing you should note is that all the updates and the program will keep on running and you could still access it.

Now that you have removed the Office Upload Center from your taskbar, you may want to know that it comes in handy in several of different ways. It helps you to upload all the different documents you have in the One Drive. Now if it contains super important documents with you in your desktop, then you might want to upload them so that when your device gets damaged, you still have those documents.

So if you upload them to the one drive then they are safe and another great thing about it is that they can be accessed from anywhere. So if you are accessing your one drive account from your mobile phone, then also you will be able to access your documents. And if you want to shut down the office upload center completely, then for as of this moment you cannot do it. But in future that feature will also come in and you would be able to disable the office upload center and save your resources of your desktop.

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