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Revealed The Secret Behind Apple’s Power Packed Chipsets

The premium gadget maker Apple Inc. is renowned for its luxurious and power packed popular smartphone series, the iPhones. Unlike other chipmakers, this Silicon Valley giant excels in adding tones of new features to its chipsets every year. This makes everyone wonder about the secret behind this incredible achievement.

Apple follows a tradition of introducing a new iPhone every year. The new iPhone is always much better than the previous one in terms of power and features. The secret behind this magical upgradation lies in its custom-made ‘A Series’ Chipsets. Apple relies on some unique manufacturing techniques to ensure its chipsets out beat other competing chipsets in the market.

Moore’s law is one of the famous principles, which Apple uses in manufacturing its chipsets. According to this law, the firm must switch to the next generation fabrication technology in every couple of years. The result of this transition is almost 50% reduction in chip size, thus enabling chipmakers to manufacture a much better chip in the cost of old chip.

While other tech magicians like Intel believes in reducing the chip size to reduce the cost of production, Apple believes in a different ideology. The firm switches over to the new fabrication technology but without decreasing the chip size. This allows it to add much more Nano-transistors on board which results in increased performance with a slight increase in the chip cost. This is an intelligent strategy as customers highly appreciate the increase in performance of the device.

A spokesperson at Apple’s foundry partner Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing said,” Apple has added a lot of functionality to its next generation chipsets”. Apple will manufacture the upcoming A10 chipset with same 16-nanometer fabrication technology, which was used in A9 chipsets, thus the new chipset will have a slightly bigger size. Assumptions are there that Apple can use 10nm Fabrication technology for A11 chipsets and 7nm fabrication technology for its A12 chipsets.

Followers are eagerly waiting for the new mesmerizing features from Apple.


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