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Rumors : New streaming service Apple

New streaming service Apple

Rumor says : Apple will announce their new streaming service next week for about 10 dollars a month. The Beats based service, won’t be offered for free with adds, but when you are member there are some tracks available without any cost. There is an option to test the service for free and Apple is planning a giant advertising campaign to promote this new service. Apple plans a direct assault on the iTunes member list, providing a streaming service for just 10 dollars a month.

They were a bit behind in this business and now, when the market is moving from download to streaming, it would be an ideal moment to step in.

There is still an issue, Apple doesn’t have contracts with the three big company’s Vivendi, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. They are holding some cards and want to make a good deal with Apple.

Apple plans on bringing an app for Android as well, to provide access to their new service. Besides this new streaming service Apple works on tv streaming but it’s early days to come with some details.

Rumour says that there are some problems regarding licenses.

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