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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Faces Stylus Issue

There were reports that the Stylus of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 causes some of its users an issue that demands solution. There was a design flaw noticed on the use of the stylus, which makes it disturbing and disappointing to many of its users.

The S-Pen Stylus of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a pointed end on one side, and this should be the point to be inserted on the body of the handset. Doing it this way will guarantee safe and snugly fit stylus just the way it is designed for. But if this stylus is inserted the wrong way, it will tend to damage the Stylus and the phone as well. In line with the issue, Samsung emphasizes the need to follow user’s manual guide and instruction.

As explained by Samsung, this incident is due to non-following of instruction. There is a manual instruction provided in the package on how to safely use the handset and the Stylus. However, because of several reasons, many users tend to do the wrong way when inserting it, thus damage the pen.

This was observed by the Android Police and reported that the S-Pen, after inserted the wrong way, was no longer usable. Some Reddit users also noticed the same problem, expecting more complains and negative feedbacks to come out.

To Samsung, a simple following of instruction will save the damage, but to its many users, it is a bad design that was overlooked by the manufacturer. For now, the Note 5 is widely available in the US and Asian countries, but with these reports and issues, people will probably think twice before grabbing it, once it hit the European countries and other countries across the world.

It is time that Samsung address the issue first before they release the edition throughout the entire world.

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