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Samsung Galaxy S7 Image Leaks, It Can Be Accompanied With ‘Always On Display’ Feature

Samsung has scheduled for a special event to be held on 21st February to unveil their much anticipated flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7. But it looks like as we are getting closer to the date, more and more rumors are revealing with each day passing. An image of this flagship device got leaked a while back and now we could know about some more details.

In January it was rumored that the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge might accompany a very useful feature ‘Always on display’ and now this news is pretty much confirmed as the company has filed for a trademark application in the US.

Mobile world congress formally takes place on Feb 22 in Barcelona where many big players unveil their great and the latest devices. LG and Samsung both the company will launch their flagship devices LG G5 and Galaxy S7 and S7 edge a day before on 21st Feb of that day. Very recently a video of the latest flagship of LG G5 was revealed that provides an idea about how the device will look like. Also Samsung has managed their way to provide the look of S7.

According to the revealed image, Galaxy S7 will have 12 mp back BRITECELL camera along with which it could also have the ‘Always on Display’ that will display the notification and time in the screen without the need of turning the device on. At the same time it will use very little power for doing so.

Though this news is confirmed as of now but still we need to wait till 21st Feb to see if Samsung can really make this feature available on their upcoming flagship devices Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

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