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Samsung To Make All Smart TVs IoT Compatible From 2016

Samsung Electronics has announced that all their Smart TV line up from 2016 will be IoT (Internet of things) compatible along with connected to the SmartThings platform. SmartThings Platform is an open platform that let the users to connect and manage all their Smart devices and Internet of things services. The uses of this IoT enabled Smart TV will be demonstrated by Samsung at the CES by next week.

Samsung will apply this IoT hub technology to all its 2016 SUHD TVs where the TV will act as the controller for the entire Smart home appliances such as lights, locks, front door cameras, thermostats, surround sound systems and motion censors.

According to the CEO and co-founder of SmartThings Alex Hawkinson, by incorporating this SmartThings technology in Samsung’s TV, they aim to reach millions of household. SmartThing was acquired by Samsung in 2014. With SmartThings application users can handle all their smart devices from a single and simple user interface.

For example, users can check who is at the door and can open it by sitting on sofa only by attaching an outdoor camera with the TV. Similarly motion sensor will flash an alert on the TV screen in case anyone prowls in the garden. Thus this technology offers high security all the time. Even users can experience the home theatre environment that enables them to adjust the ambience, sound, lighting automatically for having an optimal viewing experience.

Young Sohn, the president of Samsung Electronics revealed a series of chips such as Artik one, Artik fIve and Artik 10 in May that will be used in the IoT mechanism from which users can experience a great benefit of Smart home.

While Samsung will make all their 2016 Smart TV IoT enabled, the functionality will be triggered regionally as SmartThings inflates their platform availability.

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