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Samsung, Oculus Teams Up With Lebron James To Advertise The Gear VR

Gear VR from Samsung and Oculus is most probably the highly notable virtual reality headset that works at its best and is commercially available in the market these days. If the basic virtual reality experience is concerned, nothing is as practical as Gear VR and it is no doubt a lesser profile device when compared to other similar stuff such as Oculus Rift itself, Microsoft’s AR HoloLens, HTC and Valve’s delayed Vive or Sony’s PS VR. And to spread this word globally, Samsung and Oculus has teamed up with the NBA superstar LeBron James.

‘Striving for greatness’ is a 12 minute video that has been created by the joint effort of Samsung and LeBron James which shows how James instructs during the basketball season. This is a touching experience that reveals how James stays in shape and what he put in to be in the top form. This 12 minute video creates a perspective in our mind about an athletes’ daily routine and training in detail.

LeBron James is the spokesperson of Samsung for some time now and Samsung has also created an app named as ‘LeBron James app’.

You will need to have a Gear VR and then obtain the content from Samsung’s Milk VR to experience the video. Also, the video can be enjoyed from the Oculus store in case you have a dev kit. However, this video is also available online.

Though real thing cannot be substituted by virtual reality but hi-tech compromise is always better than nothing and Samsung, Oculus has taken an active approach towards that. So, watch ‘Striving for greatness’, a 360 degree virtual reality film to follow NBA superstar LeBron James as he trains for the 13th season of NBA to greatness.

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