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Samsung Offering Smart Home Technology in UK

Samsung has released a new smart home system that will enable users to monitor and control their home from any location.

The SmartThings platform, being offered in the United Kingdom for a £199, consists of a kit and hub, plus a variety of sensors.

The developer of the new SmartThings system is SmartThings, a startup was acquired by Samsung last year. The system includes a central SmartThings hub that connects wirelessly to a series of sensors and appliances. The free SmartThings app is used to control connected devices.

The hub comes with its own power backup. In case of electric outage, the system will continue to work. The hub processes functions locally with its own processor, rather than in the cloud.

At the same time, Samsung introduced a variety of devices that allows people to monitor and control their home in a smart way. These devices include a motion sensor, multi sensor, presence sensor, power outlet and moisture sensor.

The smart home starter kit is being offered in the UK for £199. The system consists of SmartThings hub, motion sensor, multi-sensor, presence sensor, and power outlet. The company is also offering all of these sensors to be purchased individually.

Image Credit: SmartThings

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