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Samsung Pay To Support Online Payment In The US By 2016

Samsung has rolled out Samsung Pay, their mobile payment service to compete with other mobile payment services Android Pay and Apple Pay from Google and Apple and it saw a massive hit with all its contents and purposes. And now it looks like Samsung is planning to make Samsung pay support online shopping by 2016. According to a report hailed from Reuters, Samsung’s mobile payment will start accepting the online payment as well for users in U.S in 2016. But it is still not clear if this online payment idea would be limited to in app purchase or else Samsung has planned something more expansive.

The reason Samsung pay witnessed a massive hit is the uses of a workaround to enable the Magnetic secure transmission (MST) that allow users to use this service in all places where credit and debit card can be used. But as of now, this online payment support by Samsung pay will be released in the U.S first and no words till now on worldwide release.

Thomas Ko, the worldwide co-general manager of Samsung Pay stated that very soon in 2016, Samsung pay will be made available to the low priced Samsung devices as well. Now only few high end devices such as Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus support Samsung Pay. So, definitely if these two improvements are implemented altogether, it will be a tough time for other competitors including PayPal and the newbies Visa Checkout service.

According to James Wester, the research director of Global payment in IDC Financial Insights, this step to move online is a smart move by Samsung but it will be proved useful when Samsung handset sales climb thus their handsets reach to the hands of more and more users. The MST capacity helped Samsung Pay to stay ahead in the competition and now if this online payment is proved to be much easier than any other competitors, definitely Samsung pay will capture a secure place in the world of mobile and online payment service.

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