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Samsung Steps Into The Entertainment Industry With Opening VR Movie Studio

Samsung is a big name in the mobile market and it has come up with new challenges with each and every gadget it brings. From the mobile standpoint, Samsung has offered new and exciting cool features with its every Smartphone and developed their new operating system Taizen. Also it collaborated with Oculus VR two years back to let the users experience the mobile virtual reality headset and they did it. Gear VR is probably the first virtual reality headset in the mobile market offered by Samsung and they are now stepping into the entertainment industry as well by launching the VR Movie studio in New York.

This news was announced at the Sundance Movie Festival in Park city but no other details regarding it were disclosed. Samsung has declared a long 1 year partnership with Sundance Institute who mainly arranged that festival.  According to the chief marketing officer of Samsung USA, Marc Mathieu, as of now the newly formed studio will be placed at a pre-existing Samsung office and it will share space with the marketing team.

Now Samsung is in a phase to thoroughly explore the virtual space to set them as a leader in this area. This is the reason the company ensures to cover as much ground as possible. So, if you have a perception that gaming is just a single area where VR can make a dent, then you are wrong as they have something more to offer. According to circulated rumors , tech giant Apple too is inclined to step into this entertainment industry by making use of the technology and they are currently recruiting forces for this. However, Samsung too is trying their best to get the upper hand in this promising market before another mobile contender takes a foot step into the same market.

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