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Samsung’s New Fridge Let You Order Groceries From Its Door Itself

Samsung has recently announced their latest Smart fridge ‘Family hub’ during the CES press conference in the early of 2016 that left everyone speechless. This device is packed with useful technologies and the most noticeable thing is the big 21.5 inch display at the door of the fridge. This big screen will work as a great piece for entertainment where users can stream music from Pandora or other sources while they can also mirror what is one the TV though entertainment is the least exhilarating feature of this Family hub.

As the name suggest, Family hub fridge is more than just storing foods. There is a camera inside the fridge that looks on the items inside and let you know what to buy. Even users can buy groceries from the touch screen while paying and getting delivered the items is done from the door of smart fridge itself. Also, if something is stored in the fridge for longer time, it let you know that as well thus prevent you from eating that food.

Apart from the above, Samsung’s new fridge is helpful for the aspiring chef as well as you can search for the recipes there which will also guide you through the whole cooking process with voice instructions. Stickies syncs Post-it-style app is another useful stuff in the device that help you keep up with the family updates and messages in easiest way.

Samsung has made the device able to act as a control centre for all the connected household gadgets that you have. This can work well with Samsung Smart gear and other devices from other companies.

There is no confirmed news on how Samsung will be pricing their latest Smart fridge however, the company have committed to ship the device in the upcoming spring.

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