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Seagate launches 10TB cloud based storage

Seagate has announced its first 10TB cloud-based storage solution. The hard drive comes in the smallest package for its size with lowest power consumption requirements. Public cloud storage’s demand has been increasing substantially and the launch of a new hard drive would greatly improve user experience with Seagate.

Seagate stated that the need for cloud storage is increasing at a pace that is difficult for several cloud services to meet. The helium based 10TB hard drive by Seagate would greatly increase the storage capacity of the cloud-based companies and provide users to store a higher amount of data. In addition, to providing higher storage space, the hard drive also consumes lesser power and requires lesser infrastructural investment.

The hard drive also comes with increased performance speed due to the inclusion of advanced cache features. The helium-based hard drive is guaranteed to improve the experience of consumers as well as cloud storage providers substantially.

The increased speed combined with the greater storage capability would ensure that cloud-based storage becomes accessible for companies with the limited resources. Many corporate firms prefer to store their data in the cloud that enables them to avoid any backup requirements resulting in reduced operating costs.

The introduction of the new hard drive would ease the life for data managers and companies struggling to maintain and record a large amount of data. Seagate has started the shipping of new hard drives in limited amount across several countries worldwide.

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