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Secrets of the Apple Watch

Secrets of the Apple Watch

Here are some functions of the Apple watch that you probably didn’t know off. The Apple Watch is

on the market for some time now and lots of things we already know of but there are some that

could be new for you!


When your battery is empty, you can still read the time!

When the device camps with low power, it shuts down in Power Reserve mode. You can’t do

anything with it from that moment, but just like a normal watch, you can still read the time when the

Apple Watch goes in Power Reserve Mode. Nice to know.

You can set the time forward

When you are the kind of person who is always late for an appointment, then this is the perfect

function for you. You can set the time a couple of minutes in front, but the watch knows the real

time. So notifications like alarms will go off at the current time but shows the offset time you

programmed. It helps you to get out in time and It works amazingly well.


Share your location

If you are working with iMessage, you can easily share your location by using Force Touch. Just use

the Send Location option there.

Track your iPhone with your Apple Watch

Can’t find your iPhone? Use your watch to find it quick and easily. The watch can make your iPhone

bleep so you can follow your ears to track it down. It can save time and keeps up your mood.

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