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How To Set Different Wallpapers On A Dual-Monitor Setup On Windows 10

Since the release of Windows 8.1, the ability to add second monitor on your PC has become much easier. The same is true for the recently launched Windows 10 also. However, after adding the second or more monitors, you want to set up different wallpaper backgrounds on each of them. Though Windows 10 has a multi-monitor taskbar setup but when it comes to choosing separate wallpapers for each of the monitors, it’s not that much straight forward. To make your job easy, we will discuss here the steps to set up different wallpapers for each monitor on a dual-monitor setup in Windows 10.

Steps to set up different wallpapers for multiple monitors

  • First put all the wallpapers that you want to use for the monitors in one folder or in desktop.
  • Now press the Ctrl key on your PC and click on the wallpapers that you want to use. The number of wallpapers that you have to click on depends on the number of monitors for example, select two wallpapers if you have 2 monitors, for three monitors select 3 different wallpapers and so on.
  • After selecting the wallpapers, right click on any one of them and you have to select the option named “Set as desktop background”.
  • That’s all. Now different wallpapers will be set on each monitor. If you want to switch the wallpaper on a specific monitor, then all you have to do is right click on the desktop and then select the option “Next desktop background”.

After following the above steps, if you see that different wallpapers have not been set on each monitor or if you see different wallpapers have been set but they are cycling through images at an alarming rate then you will have to change the wallpaper settings.

  • To do that, right click on the Start/ Windows icon and select Run. It will launch the Run command. Now you will have to type (add spaces) and then hit Ok.
  • It will launch the Desktop Background window in Control Panel.
  • In order to set different images for each of the monitor ensure that picture position is set to Fit, Fill, Center or Stretch. If the picture position is set to Span or Tile, only one image will be shown on the monitors.
  • And if you find that the wallpapers are cycling through pictures, click Clear all which is located at the top of the window. It will uncheck all wallpapers because checked wallpapers usually cycle through.

There is also option to set different wallpapers for each monitor from Desktop Background window. Just choose one picture, right click on it and select “Set for monitor 1” or “Set for monitor 2” and so on.

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