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How To Set Up The Parental Control Feature On Your Android Device

These days all are becoming tech savvy and this is highly applicable for the kids. They do not require any lesson but get their way to manage the Smartphone, tablet and other electronic gadget very well. This is helpful to keep advance but at the same time it involves a risk that your kid might have access to the adult content online or from any other apps. So, the best thing is to set up parental control on your device to keep the kids away from risk.

There are several ways to set up parental control on android devices and all the possible ways are discussed here.

How to set up parental control on android device

Method 1:

If you are using an android device that is running on android Jelly bean 4.3 or later, this method is just for you. Android 4.3 jelly bean introduced the most helpful restricted profile feature where the administrator can control the app permission for each user profile. Here is how to activate this feature.

>First, move to the settings option from the home screen of your android device and tap on the ‘User’ option.

>A click on ‘add user’ will get you two options, Normal user profile and restricted user profile. Tap on the latter one.

>In case you have set a screen lock beforehand that is good otherwise a message will be prompted to set the screen lock. Tap set lock and select the pattern that is suitable for you.

>Provide a name to the new created profile by tapping on the settings icon next to it.

>Next a list of all the installed apps will be displayed along with the on/off toggle next to them. By default, the restricted profile will not have access to any of these apps. However, you can make all the gaming apps accessible to your kids by toggling the switch next to them.

>Now all the profile will be shown in the lock screen where the restricted profile is being locked with the chosen pattern. Your kid can have access to their profile with the allowed apps. Though Google play store icon will be appeared to them but it will not be accessible.

This method is only for those who are using Android Jelly Bean 4.3 or later but in case your phone is running on Jelly bean or kitkat, first check if the updates are available by going to settings>About phone> System updates. However, there are other options as well to follow if update version is not available.


Method 2:

Method 2 is appropriate for those having device running on older versions of Lollipop. Though the restricted profile feature is not available here but other things can be done to set up parental control. The kids keep on fighting to grab a Smartphone mainly because of the fun games and if they are advanced enough, then be aware a bit as it might affect your wallet. The reason is there are many attractive and fun games that are targeted towards the kids and toddler. So, they will be desperate to buy the paid and free apps from the Google play store. This will gradually hit your bank account.

But do not worry as Google play store can be made to stop this by following some easy steps.

>Follow the path: Google play store> settings> User control and set a password. Now whenever an attempt is made to download the paid app or in app extras, it will ask for password thus prevent the kids from downloading paid apps.

>One more option is available here mentioned as content filtering. A click on that will bring several options such as Apps for everyone, low maturity app, high maturity apps etc. Tick the appropriate boxes next to them and click on Ok. Again the users are required to set a password so that your tech savvy kid is not able to make any changes to the settings.

>The next step is to disable the app purchase from other available sources as kids can search for other sources when Google play store is not accessible to them. To do so, head towards settings> security and disable the option ‘installation of app from other sources’.


Method 3:

This method describes how to set up parental control only for certain apps. Many third party apps are available to help out in this case. AppLock is one such useful app that does not lock the entire device rather let the user protect certain apps using password. Apart from AppLock you will get various free parental control apps in the play store.

Also if you do not want your kids to have access to the web, messaging service and the calling feature, putting the phone in flight mode is the best option for that.

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