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Setting up Free Android Apps and Games in Google Chrome

The Android software is easily one of the best operating systems around today. What sets it apart from other operating systems is its ease of use and familiarity with users. However, the Android operating system is usually used by the most high tech devices that also carry a bit hefty price tag. The somewhat extravagant price range puts a certain limit to the number of people who can enjoy the apps and games the said operating system provides.

The good news is, the much sought after Android apps and games can now be enjoyed using Google Chrome! This means that users of the Chrome, Windows, and other operating systems can have fun with Android apps and games while using the Google Chrome browser.

Because there are differences in the operating systems used, a couple of things have to be established first. For one, the Google Chrome browser has got to be the latest. Since the link up is recently made, more than likely the latest systems are a must. For those who have an interest in the best games the Android OS offers, the best Graphics Card will be badly-needed.

  1. The first step is to download an APK file in the PC. An APK file, for all intents and purposes, is like the .exe file of a system or a software. If there is no .exe file the system or software will not run. The APK file is needed to run the Android app or game. More so, an APK allows one to have access to apps and games that are not limited to Google Play Store. Even unreleased apps or games are not spared from availability through the APK. Once downloaded, the next step would be to download another prerequisite: the ARC Welder.
  2. Fortunately, the ARC Welder is readily available on Chrome’s website. Simply hit the Install button to begin the process. Selecting Add after installing it will complete the process. The ARC Welder allows the PC to run the APK files. So both APK and ARC Welder are absolute musts.
  3. Go to the Task Bar and launch the new app Menu.
  4. Click the ARC Welder and hit CHOOSE to select the drive or location for the files to be written.
  5. To test the APP, click the Add APK button.
  6. Viewing options will pop up. Select the desired display screen for the PC.
  7. Launch APK

Since this is the initial stages of the application, some apps and games will run smoothly like Instagram and Candy Crush, while there are those that are quite frankly a pain to watch.

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