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Sky Taxis to debut soon

Sky Tran which has been working in developing a system which features cars that will glide 20 to 30 feet above the ground is all set to launch its Sky Taxis. Sky Tran which is based in Mountain view, California has been working on this system since last five years.

Finally, their product is ready to debut in Tel Aviv at the end of October. The system is said to run 900 feet on the campus of Israel Aerospace Industries which partnered with Sky Tran in developing this system.

Initially, only one car will run on the track. The capacity of this car will be to hold 4 people at a time and it can travel at a speed of 60mph. Sky Tran is planning to add more cars to its debut system.

CEO of Sky Tran Jerry Sanders said that overhead mode of transport, when compared to other modes like railroads and subways are cheaper and easier to build. He also said that this is the reason why he thinks it is important for the public transportation system. He also mentioned that addition of underground system can cost anywhere around $100 million and $2 billion per kilometer. He also said that the systems on the surface are more expensive and requires a lot of energy.

He also said that when compared with other modes of transport Sky Taxis are the best option available.

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