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Skype seeks to bridge the language Barrier

Skype recently introduced a feature that allows the user to interact in 7 different languages. Microsoft has started releasing the feature to windows users that would allow the users to enjoy the feature of real-time translation. The feature would be applicable to video as well as text chats.

Currently, the feature is being rolled for the users for free and comes with the ability to deal with Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, English and Portuguese. The project was announced in December by Skype in partnership with Microsoft Translator. The translation project was intended to remove the barrier of language and allow the users to increase their interaction with people around the world.

During the 2014 promo, Microsoft demonstrated that the feature allows the user to speak in their own tongue which is then translated by the software and communicates it in a computerized voice. Since the promo in 2014 the software has come a long way and can handle all types of accents easily.

Some tech gurus believe that although the software is a great achievement it still lacks the ability to properly translate the human speech. During the trials, it was noticed that the translators had issues in translating the “Um” and “Ah” sounds.

Skype also announced that the translator relies on machine learning therefore as its use becomes common it would improve with time and ensure a greater experience for users across the world.

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