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Skype updates to protect obtaining users IP

As far as updates go Skype is doing a bang up job in providing numerous and continuous updates. And extremely helpful ones as well.

The most recent update makes up for one of the largest privacy violations that has otherwise been going on and has led to numerous harassments in the online community. By downloading this update, Skype now hides a user’s IP address which enables much needed protection against online predators and online bullying. Microsoft itself stated that the update provides a measure of privacy protection which prohibits users from getting to an IP address through the Skype ID.

Specifically, the update’s biggest push is the gaming community that uses Skype as a medium for chatting or video conferencing for online games like World of Warcraft and DOTA 2. Knowing about the online gaming community, hundreds of users go through bullying each other and insulting each other as a repercussion of losing games to each other. As a result, users have had the chance to steal information or perform penetration attacks simply by resolving the Skype ID to the IP address of the user. Skype users may have even gone as far as creating detailed guides on how to obtain this IP information, and worse, how to act after the fact.

To download the update desktop users can click the Check for Updates option through the Help category, while app users can easily update their apps through their respective stores.

Recent updates for Skype include the free group video conferencing as well as the Skype translator that’s gaining momentum. With these updates, Microsoft is surely showing the digital world its true place at the top of the tech. food chain.

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