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Smartphone Can Work As An Earthquake Sensor In Future

Great thanks to the new app MyShake, available for android that can be used as an earthquake detector in the future. This app which has been launched on 12th February is designed smartly to track down the tremble so that numerous lives could be saved potentially.

MyShake  app is released by the University of California in Berkeley, would provide an early warning to its users without the need of any seismological instruments. According to Richard Allen, the director of Berkeley Seismological Laboratory and the lead of the app project, this app no way can replace the conventional seismic networks that are being run by the US geological survey but users can make use of this app to get the earthquake early warning faster that will also be very accurate in all those areas having seismic network. Countries that do not have any seismic network will get the life saving early warnings in a much quick way.

Still there are many developing countries in the world that are earthquake prone but the seismic network is really poor. Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Peru are some of the examples. This app would be a great help in all those countries.

A group of Silicon Valley programmers have developed this life saver app for android devices that depend on the technology which is being used by the Smartphone gamers for sensing the phone’s orientation better known as accelerometer.

Allen has also added that, they aim to make this app killer that will use your accelerometer to deliver the early earthquake warning. Even though the app ‘MyShake’ can’t stop the destruction and death caused by an earthquake but definitely it will warn you a few minutes before the shake is started actually so that users can take some measurable step to save their lives.

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