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Snapchat To Close Down Its Lens Store

SnapChat has recently confirmed about shutting down their Len store on 8th January 2016 to shift the efforts on advertising. The company started selling premium special effect lenses for 99 cents each since November. It’s not a year and within this small time period SnapChat has manage to earn huge success with many of its users. No exact reason has been explained by this social darling for closing down the store. However when they started charging for some of the lens, a huge backlash is what they received from some users in the social media platform who were used to free apps.

Users could enhance the beauty of various videos and pictures by using this lens features. For example, the effects could make your eyes bug in the photos while some other effects makes the photos appear that users are vomiting rainbow. But you can still enjoy some lens as even though SnapChat have decided to shutter the sale of Lens, some of the lens they will make available for free while the sponsored lens will be continued.

SnapChat is not so far from another popular social media where SnapChat is clocking around 6 billions videos on daily basis whereas this number is just 8 billion in Facebook. It sounds more interesting if you hear the number of daily active users in SnapChat which is 100 million while this number is just 1.01 billion in Facebook.

SnapChat is in the process to sell its lenses to some selected sponsors as a part of their business strategy. According to a report in Financial Times report, SnapChat might soon charge up to $750,000 from a brand to reach its entire audience (around 100 million) on a peak day like Halloween whereas this number might be $450,000 on average days.

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