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Snapchat Working On ‘Discover’ Subscribe Aspect For The Publishers

Snapchat is currently planning to boost huge traffic to the publishers that make use of the ‘Discover’ platform of this app. For doing so, they will be coming with the new ‘Discover’ feature that will let users subscribe to some specific channels. With this feature activated, users do not have to seek for the Discover pages any more rather important contents from publishers like ESPN, Vice and others will be then appeared on the user’s story stream pages, the section which is easily obtained from the launch screen.

According to industry sources, even snapchat is planning to replace the circular logo of each media brands with another image that will look very much like a magazine and it will be rotating each day depending on the contents of the publishers. The aim is to have a more visual and clickable appeal though.

Another thing Snapchat is considering is sending push notification to its users by alerting them about the content from their favorite channels. This is still not clear how this subscription mechanism will work. One idea is to drive as many traffic as possible to the publisher’s discover channel even from the outside platform after which the users will be persuaded for subscribing the channel from there while another possibility is, Snapchat will be sending notifications to the users indicating that their preferred publishers have interesting content to look at.

As of now Snapchat have 20 publishers but it has a plan to create a shop that could host numerous publishers. This section is already packed to give an imagination to the publishers such as they are in the digital version of ‘The hunger games’. And now the addition of Discover subscription feature will create the competition even tough for the appease publishers.

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