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Very Soon You Might Be Able To Do More Than Just ‘Like’ In Facebook

It’s just one and half month past that Mark Zuckerberg said his team is actively working on creating new options that would go beyond the ‘Like’ button and it seems you will be able to enjoy the features very soon. Within next few weeks Facebook is planning to roll out many new reaction icons to allow the users to respond more carefully and subtly to their friend’s and family’s post in Facebook.

Chris Cox, the chief product officer of Facebook has stated that there will be five more new reactions such as angry, sad, haha, wow and love along with the ‘like’ button but no dislike button will be included in that. Though the exact date is not specified but you will be able to enjoy this new feature of Facebook in just few weeks.

The new added reactions will be displayed as pop up designed in yellow animated emojis and users can select the button they want. This is a big move of Facebook that will offer the users to interact in a deeper way.

This is the world of big data and analytics where lots of information is much useful and Facebook’s move is to help people with providing as much information as possible by adding the new reactions icons. Especially this is helpful for the business people as they will get a deep insight about user’s perception for them and according to this they can take the needed step to improvise their business.

From the user’s point of view, this new step of Facebook will allow them to describe the feeling in a more proper way. For example, now you do not have to click on the like button when you someone has posted about the death of their pet or feeling stressed in work.

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