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Spotify CEO Apologizes for Super Creepy New Privacy Policy

The Spotify is the largest live streaming social networking site for music lovers all throughout the world. It actually has 75 million world-wide subscribers at the present. Spotify modified its policy for privacy, which caused a lot of its users to be confused and rage. The new privacy policy of Spotify is to get your private information such as your phone numbers, collect your images and photos, and track your location. It seemed very unlike privacy and it is something that made Spotify users to disagree. But for Spotify, they have a purpose for this new policy.

The CEO of Spotify, Daniel Ek, apologized publicly for this, and he also explained that what they did was for a purpose, and that the data collected will be used for a much improved and personalized products and services. He said that all these are for the satisfaction of each subscriber.

One example of the new features of the Spotify is the Spotify Running, which aims to track your running habit, how fast you run, and match the beat of your running with a song that has the same pace as your running tempo. With the use of GPS, this is made possible even when you are in your own home or you prefer running inside or outside the gym. As the public raised their voices loud and clear regarding this privacy policy, Spotify is already addressing the concerns of the users, and there will be improvements soon to make each use even more enjoyable.

As he continued, he said that each data or information will be collected depending on your permission. And in case you do not want to give your info, you can just easily turn it down and choose only the features you want to maximize the Spotify experience with. But if you are not agreeable with this policy, you are free to permanently delete your account.

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